Mobile devices (beamian organizer mobile App)

To use the beamian organizer mobile App and perform different tasks during the event (check-in, access control, consumption management, and other actions) you will need to use a mobile device.

You can use a famoco (equipment provided by beamian) which is a mobile device to run the mobile application or you can opt to use your own mobile devices available for the event (smartphones, tablets) with the beamian organizer app installed.

Using your mobile devices (android)

If you use your own mobile devices, you should:

  • provide a set of devices for the staff team according to the number of staff and the different tasks (via the mobile app) that they will perform. You can even ask the beamian team for advice on calculating the appropriate number of devices.
  • install the mobile app on all devices (available for android). Ask the beamian team to give you access to it.
  • provide mobile devices with NFC reader feature if you want to associate the smart badge to a visitor at the check-in area.

Using famocos

The famoco is a mobile device completely dedicated and fast for reading smart badges. The famoco has the mobile application installed as standard.

You must set up the famoco for the event:

  • Turn on the device by clicking on the power button.
  • Connect the Famoco to a network.
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Wi-Fi.
    • Choose the network you want, then select Connect.
    • Type the network password, and then select Next.
  • After connecting the device to a network, tap beamian organizer app on the main menu.
  • Log in with your event organizer credentials or credentials for the staff access and choose your event.

Tip: By tapping Dashboard menu you can change the brightness of the device’s screen and turn the volume up/down.

Please note: Keep in mind that any action that involves reading a visitor smart badge (e.g. associating a smart badge to a visitor, controlling visitor accesses, manage visitor consumption, etc.) must be done by touching the smart badge on the back of the famoco device where the NFC reader is located (button number 8).

Soft Keys and Buttons


soft keys and buttons - famoco

No. Button  Function
1 Power button

Long press: turn the device ON/OFF.

Short press: screen ON/OFF (standby mode).

2 Micro USB Port Connect the device to a USB power source.
3 Indicator light

Blinking red: Low battery.

Red: Battery charging.

Green: Battery charged.

4 Screen OFF Short press to screen OFF.
5 Back (soft key) Tap to return to the previous screen.
6 Home screen (soft key) Tap to return to the home screen.
7 Volume Tap to return to the home screen.
8 NFC Reader NFC antenna and wireless charge antenna.